Meet the Executive Board

Marisol Marin

Marisol Marin

Board Chair

Marisol Marin, Board Chair, is an educational executive in San Diego for the past 17 years and a DanzArts family member for the last 7. She brings deep organizational skills, extensive fundraising experience, and solid budgeting and management knowledge to the mission of making DanzArts a vibrant and cultural asset to the San Diego community. As Chair she has solidified DanzArts Executive Board, assisted in securing its new studio, and expanding its membership. Her leadership and support of the organization’s vision is aimed at fueling the love and passion for future generations of DanzArts performers, their families, and the community. She has a B.A. and an M.A. in Education from San Diego State University and an Administrative Credential from the University of San Diego.

DanzArts is a non-profit organization which provides a creative and relevant space for artistic and cultural expression, as well as preserving and raising cultural awareness of Mexico and Spain by giving back to the San Diego County community through dance and music.