Meet the Executive Board

Tracy Kuhns


Tracy Kuhn

Tracy was born and raised in beautiful San Diego and has been married since 2004 to her husband of Hispanic heritage, together they raise their 2 wonderful daughters.

Before Tracy found DanzArts, she knew she wanted a dance company that would encourage and push her daughters to do their absolute best while building confidence and self-esteem; a company that cares about the child as a whole, with each one being unique and with abilities that vary. With much joy, she came upon DanzArts!

Tracy and her family have been a part of DanzArts since 2015. In 2017, Tracy was chosen by Patricia Astorga-Casey to be the Treasurer of the DanzArts fast-growing company. Patricia has a passion for a dancer’s success that is inviting and contagious! Tracy feels blessed to be not only the Treasurer of a growing company but a tool in bringing Patricia’s dream to fruition.

DanzArts is a non-profit organization which provides a creative and relevant space for artistic and cultural expression, as well as preserving and raising cultural awareness of Mexico and Spain by giving back to the San Diego County community through dance and music.