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Patricia Astorga-Casey

Patricia Astorga-Casey

Artistic Director/Founder/Choreographer/Barre-Pilates Instructor

Throughout her artistic career, Mrs. Astorga has undertaken various dance disciplines including classical ballet, tap, modern dance, Folklore Mexicano and Flamenco. She began her training at the early age of 7yrs old at the world-renowned school of Amalia Hernández (Ballet Folklórico de México), for 5 consecutive summers. She was one of the founding members of Ballet Folklórico de Pacifico (currently under the direction of her sister (Adriana Astorga-Gainey). In 2005, she moved to Houston, Texas and formed "Sabor Mexico Theatrical Dance Co. "(Folklórico Mexicano). In Houston, she presented her work at the most respected theaters, including Hobby Center (Zilka Hall), Verizon Wireless Theater and Houston's Museums.

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Mariann Sanchez

Mariann Sanchez

Vice President

Mariann Sanchez was born in México City and raised in San Diego. She has both a B.A. and an M.A. in International Relations from the University of San Diego and is currently employed at the University of San Diego. In 2010, Mariann joined Danzarts and became a company dancer in both of La Esencia Flamenca and Sabor México Theatrical Company. To date, Mariann has been fortunate to have been able to study in Spain and San Diego with Flamenco masters such as Domingo Ortega, Farruquito, Oscar Valero, María Serrano, Emilio Ochando, and Jesús Carmona. Additionally, she has been able to collaborate and perform with tremendously talented local artists. As a dancer, her goal is to transmit the love and passion she feels for this art form, while educating the audiences about its history and culture. As the Vice President and company member of Danzarts, Mariann is constantly seeking out different opportunities for offering affordable classes, scholarships, community performances and creative collaborations. This year Mariann had the privilege of co-producing a show called “Drums & Strings of the World,” with Patricia Astorga Casey, collaboration of live Music and Dance from México, Spain and West Africa.

Paul Kuhns

Paul Kuhn

Parent Liaison

Paul was born and raised in South San Diego. He was born into a home with a white father and a Mexican mother. He spent most of his childhood and young adulthood with his mother’s side of the family and as a result, he grew to admire and respect his Hispanic heritage.

Paul soon learned that he had a passion to serve others. in September of 2004, he earned his Pharmacy Technician License at PIMA with honors and became nationally certified. And to add to his joy he married the love of his life a short time later. In February of 2005, Paul was blessed with the opportunity to put his passion into action as he was hired on at Sharp Healthcare and quickly began using his strong communication skills to help patients in need. He continues to work for Sharp Healthcare to date. He and his wife have 2 daughters who dance with DanzArts Academy. Paul now continues to grow his passion by serving as the DanzArts Children’s Academy Parental Liaison. His role is to facilitate communication between parents and the academy. He assists in cultivating parental interest in their children’s dancing and helps develop families’ relationships with the Children’s Director, Tony Valencia.

Along with his wife Tracy and their 2 daughters, Paul is committed to upholding the vision and mission of DanzArts. Without a doubt, He is a proud dance dad.

Tony Valencia

Tony Valencia


Tony was born and raised in San Diego CA. Always had a passion for dance and started with Ballet Folklorico Ixcuintla (in San Diego) at age 7. In 2011 joined Sabor Mexico Theatrical Company and have been a seasoned dancer as well as teaching the children’s Dance Academy. Tony has worked in Radio and TV since 2005 as Promotions Director & On-Air talent. Currently On-Air Talent on “Z90” (“Local Media of America”) & Production for “M.T.V”.

Giving back to our community is always a must and also serves as a Trustee for “Spreckels Organ Society” (Balboa Park) since 2015. By dance, we hope to help preserve our roots, culture, and traditions. After 26 years of dancing, it is important to encourage new generations to express themselves in dance and hold them to the highest standard in representing our culture.

Tracy Kuhns


Tracy Kuhn

Tracy was born and raised in beautiful San Diego and has been married since 2004 to her husband of Hispanic heritage, together they raise their 2 wonderful daughters.

Before Tracy found DanzArts, she knew she wanted a dance company that would encourage and push her daughters to do their absolute best while building confidence and self-esteem; a company that cares about the child as a whole, with each one being unique and with abilities that vary. With much joy, she came upon DanzArts!

Tracy and her family have been a part of DanzArts since 2015. In 2017, Tracy was chosen by Patricia Astorga-Casey to be the Treasurer of the DanzArts fast-growing company. Patricia has a passion for a dancer’s success that is inviting and contagious! Tracy feels blessed to be not only the Treasurer of a growing company but a tool in bringing Patricia’s dream to fruition.

DanzArts is a non-profit organization which provides a creative and relevant space for artistic and cultural expression, as well as preserving and raising cultural awareness of Mexico and Spain by giving back to the San Diego County community through dance and music.