Meet the Advisory Board

Paul Kuhns

Paul Kuhn

Parent Liaison

Paul was born and raised in South San Diego. He was born into a home with a white father and a Mexican mother. He spent most of his childhood and young adulthood with his mother’s side of the family and as a result, he grew to admire and respect his Hispanic heritage.

Paul soon learned that he had a passion to serve others. in September of 2004, he earned his Pharmacy Technician License at PIMA with honors and became nationally certified. And to add to his joy he married the love of his life a short time later. In February of 2005, Paul was blessed with the opportunity to put his passion into action as he was hired on at Sharp Healthcare and quickly began using his strong communication skills to help patients in need. He continues to work for Sharp Healthcare to date. He and his wife have 2 daughters who dance with DanzArts Academy. Paul now continues to grow his passion by serving as the DanzArts Children’s Academy Parental Liaison. His role is to facilitate communication between parents and the academy. He assists in cultivating parental interest in their children’s dancing and helps develop families’ relationships with the Children’s Director, Tony Valencia.

Along with his wife Tracy and their 2 daughters, Paul is committed to upholding the vision and mission of DanzArts. Without a doubt, He is a proud dance dad.